Benefits of Converting Water to Gas

Why you should convert water to gas?
The most obvious reason is to save money because the price of oil in the world market is beyond our control. If gas is now a little over $4 per gallon, estimates show that this could reach $7 by the year 2010.

One way that the automotive industry is trying to shift away from this is by building hybrid vehicles. The Japanese first introduced this in the US market more than 10 years ago and it is only recently that US makers are trying to do the same thing.

But what are the other benefits of converting water to gas? Since water is clean, you don’t emit carbon monoxide into the air unlike gas or diesel fuels. You can feel proud that you are doing your share to keep the environment clean.

You get tax breaks from the government because this technology allows you to get refunds when you file your income tax.

As a car owner, you will still be able to use the warranty of your vehicle because the systems currently available do not void it in any way.

Just how much savings are we talking about? It depends on the type of vehicle you have and how often you have to be on the road. A ball park figure is 40-80% at the end of each month which translates to more than $1000 per year because you don’t have to fill up the tank every week.

The cost of installing such a system in your vehicle is very affordable. An instruction manual which you can find online will cost you less than $300 while the materials itself are under $250. Putting everything together will take you less than half a day and you don’t have to bring your vehicle to a shop.

Most of the products that allow you to convert water to gas turns ordinary water into HHO or hydroxy which happens to be more potent that gasoline. This increases the mpg or miles per gallon of your vehicle so you can go farther with just a tank of gas and a quart of tap water.

The biggest benefit is that it is safe. It will not cause any damage to your vehicle because it is merely an accessory that enhances the performance of your car’s engine.

Huge savings and environment friendly are the two benefits of converting water to gas technology. This of course is just the beginning because there are no 100% water powered cars yet in the market but you can sure that there are people already working on it so this can finally hit the streets.

Is converting water to gas something new? The answer is no because it has been around for 90 years. Auto makers never really explored it unlike the other industries which have used employed this.

Converting water to gas allows you to use water and gas to run your car. You just have to switch from one to the other similar to the hybrid cars that use gas and electricity since there is a rechargeable battery inside the vehicle.

Thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of converting water to gas. You can do the same by buying a system and getting a return in your invest in less than 2 months.